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Preventive Services

Regular examinations and cleanings are necessary to maintain a healthy mouth. Each regular exam includes a cleaning, thorough examination, x-rays (when necessary) and an oral cancer screening.  We recommend a regular checkup every 6 months.
Dental Sealants
A dental sealant is a plastic, professionally-applied material that is put on the chewing surfaces of back teeth to prevent cavities. Sealants provide a physical barrier so that cavity-causing bacteria cannot invade the pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces of teeth. Dental sealants have been shown to prevent decay on and have been approved for use since the 1970s.  They are recommended by professional health associations and public health agencies for children and teens. 
Implant Restoration
Implants are a titanium insert placed in the jaw upon which a crown is placed.  Implants are a great way to replace lost or missing teeth and provide a natural looking and feeling restoration.
Oral Surgery
Involves surgery of the gums, bone and teeth. This also involves the removal of teeth.  If needed we can help you explore the best option for your needs.
Cosmetic Dentistry
You deserve a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.  At Anderson Dental we specialize in a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures including crowns, bonding, veneers and teeth whitening. Using the latest technology, we can give you the smile you want (often in the same day).
Endodontics (root canals) 
Endodontics (commonly referred to as root canals) is a restorative procedure that is done when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed. Microorganisms often contaminate the inside of the tooth.  We can remove the infected or inflamed tissue and restore the tooth to a painfree, healthy tooth.
Grinding Appliances 
One of the fastest growing detriments to a person's dentition is tooth fracture.  This is often due to clenching or grinding. Clenching and grinding can produce dental pain, migranes, sleep disorders and severe wear to the dentition. A nightguard is a clear soft plastic cover which fits comfortably over the top of the teeth.  Nightguards help to protect the teeth from wear and alleviate pain. Nightguards can be made in our facility and, in some instances, delivered to the patient the same day. 
Oral Cancer Screenings 
Published studies show that currently less than 15% of those who visit a dentist regularly, report having had an oral cancer screening. We provide a thorough visual and manual screening to every patient as part of every, standard visit.
Periodontics (Gum Disease Treatments) 
Gum disease can not only be painful and unsightly, it can cause bad breath, tooth loss and serious health problems; but, it can be treated.  Plaque and tarter residue above and below the gum line cause the accumulation of bacteria which threatens the health of the gums, bone and teeth. Periodontal disease can also affect a patients systemic health by, perhaps, contributing to cardiovascular disease and low birth weight babies.  Often non-surgical intervention and therapy can allieviate red swollen, bleeding gums, reduce risk factors systemically and restore your mouth to a healthy beautiful smile.
Ceramic Restorations
Instead of amalgam, gold or plastic fillings, ceramic fillings provide an aesthteic, durable restoration which will actually improve the strength of the tooth. Restorations such as onlays, inlays, crowns and veneers, which in the past typically required multiple visits, can now be done in our facility in a single visit.
Orthodontics (Invisalign / Clear Aligner Therrapy)
Rather than the brackets and wires of conventional orthodontics to move teeth, clear retainers (aligners) can be used to straighten teeth.  Properly aligned teeth not only look better but they can be more easily maintained which can lead to healthier gums.  Since the aligners are removable there are no dietary restrictions and  the teeth can be brushed and flossed as before.



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